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12 February 2009 @ 11:06 pm
In Belgium, creationists are considered a SECT. Probably not as dangerous as scientologists, but still, it's a menace for education, and it's considered very serious an issue in Belgian schools. Teachers always try to face it and to correct with good science. Not easy with brainwashed teenagers.

The Natural Sciences Museum in Brussels celebrated Darwin with the grand opening of their Gallery of Evolution: http://www.naturalsciences.be/museum/evolution/evolution_hall
Hopefully this is a great education tool to explain how evolution occured, and thus to face fundamentalist rampant bullshit.

(Hopefully I ain't a teacher in the terminal year of secondary school. Damn, I'd be mean with creationists. I'd especially choose questions about evolution for them to reply, and if they refuse, it'd be 0/10! I can be a very evil hyena. As I say, what we need, it's a secticide.)
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